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MCS / Karcepts 86 Suspension Package

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In the relentless pursuit of speed, comfort, control, and tunability, Karcepts has tested many damper products over the past two decades. There has only been one manufacturer that has consistently impressed, and whom we know is constantly striving for excellence in all of their offerings. This is why Motion Control Suspension (MCS) is the only brand of damper we sell, and the only brand of damper you will see on our own vehicles. MCS has been supplying motorsport dampers for the highest levels of professional sports car racing for over thirty years, with accolades in ALMS, DTM, GT, Trans-Am, and many others. MCS primarily focuses on the damper technology side, leaving motorsport teams or entities such as Karcepts the ability to provide specific dimensional requirements along with the auxiliary hardware needed to complete a plug and play system for the end user. The shared ideology between MCS and Karcepts, along with individual engineering skill sets, allows us to provide the absolute best products to our consumers. Feel free to click the below logo to learn more about Motion Control Suspension and their top tier damper offerings.

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The MCS / Karcepts 86 Suspension Package consists of the following:

4x MCS / Karcepts Spec Dampers (your choice between 1WNR, 2WNR, 2W, or 3W) - These are a custom damper MCS builds to our requirements. The damper lengths have been engineered for use with the stack height of our front camber/caster plates and rear spherical top hats. The end result is perfectly optimized compression and droop travel. Front strut body modifications have also been specified, minimizing dynamic camber loss (something we were able to learn from 3D scanning and modeling the 86 | BRZ | FR-S front suspension geometry). Lastly, based on race trim findings, minor valving tweaks have been implemented for both non-remote and remote variants.

2x MCS Front Bearing Upper Spring Perches (these allow the front wheels to turn without spring bind)

2x Karcepts 86 Camber/Caster Plates (massive 1.56" spherical bearings for longevity, -5 degree camber capable, +6 degree or + 7 degree caster options, each tick mark equates to exactly 0.25 degree camber at the wheel)

2x Karcepts 86 Rear Spherical Top Hats (in conjunction with our spec damper lengths allows plenty of rear compression travel)

4x Main Springs (Hyperco or Eibach based on availability)

4x Helper Springs (Hyperco or Eibach based on availability)

4x Karcepts Delrin Main Spring to Helper Spring Connection Plates

Spring rates determined based on customer consultation after purchase.

Assume a 2-4 week lead time after placing an order (inquire for expedited options).