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Karcepts 36mm Swap Hubs / 1988-1991 Honda Civic & CRX / 4x100mm / 38mm I.D. Wheel Bearing

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Karcepts 36mm Swap Hubs offer one of the most reliable and economical drivetrain solutions for track and high horsepower applications. These hybrid hubs share identical external dimensions with the original 1988-1991 Honda Civic & CRX wheel hubs they replace; however, their center bores have been machined to accept the larger 28 tooth spline pattern found on “36mm” Honda/Acura axles. This allows EF chassis to simply pop in the more robust axles found in the RSX Type S. Prior to this solution, simple all-motor K Swaps using stock wheel hubs with standard “32mm” (26 tooth spline) axles would experience far too frequent axle snapping incidents. Karcepts 36mm Swap Hub customers making 8 second passes with their 1,000 WHP Civics have reported the ability to run a full race season on the same pair of factory Honda/Acura “36mm” axles without failure. Please note, axles subjected to high HP race applications should be treated as wear items, though historical data has shown OE “36mm” axles can handle much abuse.

  • CNC turned from billet chromoly steel
  • Oil quenched and tempered for improved fatigue strength
  • Accepts the larger 28 tooth spline axles (these use a 36mm axle nut socket)
  • Precision ground 38mm bearing journals
  • 4x100mm bolt pattern
  • Maintains OE rotor-centric attributes and offset
  • Wheel studs not included
  • Sold in pairs

All USDM 1988-1991 Honda Civic & CRX models (including EX and Si trim levels)

**These hubs will NOT fit JDM/UK/AU EF models that use 42mm I.D. wheel bearings, but you can use Karcepts 36mm DA hubs for those applications.**

Wheel stud options:
OE Honda Stud: 90113-SM1-005
ARP 1.85" Long Stud (4pk): 100-7709

ARP 2.85" Long Stud (4pk): 100-7711

Axle Lengths:

It is critical to use proper length axles for the chassis and transmission utilized. There are several companies making specific "36mm" axles already built to the proper lengths. However, if you are able to score some premium OE Honda/Acura axles from a salvage yard, below are some combinations we have verified (We do recommend using only original equipment Honda/Acura axles, as their joints are far stronger than the generic auto parts store axles. Try searching to view a database of salvage yard inventory across the country).

EF K Swap Axle Option:

One pair of USDM 2002-2006 Acura RSX Type S Axles (Driver + Passenger Side)

EF B-Series Axle Option:

One pair of USDM 2002-2006 Acura RSX Type S Axles (Driver + Passenger Side) with inboard joints swapped between the pair + One Karcepts K-Series Axle Spacer for B-Series Transmission

The B-Series Axle Option requires the inboard joints to be swapped between the pair of RSX Type S axles. This joint swap effectively adjusts (corrects) the axle lengths, and is mandatory to avoid issues. To perform an inboard joint swap: (1) Take one pair of RSX Type S axles. (2) Remove (or cut) the large boot clamps on the inboard joints. (3) Slide the inboard joints off from each axle without disturbing the tripod bearings (hold axles vertically and lift joints straight upward). (4) Re-install the inboard joints to the other respective axle (i.e., move the male inboard joint to the original female axle; move the female inboard joint to the original male axle). (5) Pop the boots back into position on the joints and re-secure original boot clamps or install new boot clamps. You can find boot clamps at most auto parts stores that do not need any form of special tool in order to re-secure the boots to each joint (Beck Arnley: 103-0001).