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Karcepts S2000 Rear Sway Bar Kit

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The Karcepts S2000 Rear Sway Bar Kit was designed primarily for square tire setups, but may be used by anyone looking to tame down the on-throttle oversteer characteristics of their S2000. The large OE S2000 rear sway bar is fun for drifting around, but is not always the quickest way around course. Both Karcepts rear bar options offer the ability to run much softer rate than the OE configuration, which compliments setups where higher spring rates are utilized. A softer rear bar will keep similar corner entry and mid corner character in the chassis, but will be most impactful on corner exit when trying to put power down. With 13 available stiffness settings, and two center section options, the perfect compromise between rotation and forward drive can be found for every chassis setup, surface condition, and driving style.

  • Sway bar rate is adjusted with one wrench, in only a few minutes
  • Rate adjustments are made with the vehicle on the ground, even at low ride heights
  • 13 possible adjustment settings, maximizing tunability and overall range
  • Billet aluminum arms optimized for strength and weight utilizing the latest FEA software
  • Light weight, zero deflection solid sway bar mounts provided for precise feel
  • Low friction, self-lubricating, solid polymer bearings eliminate bushing bind
  • Heat treated and plated steel alloy PTFE lined endlinks and all hardware included
  • 0.875" diameter high-grade spring steel splined center section for consistent rates
  • Center section available in 0.095” wall thickness or a solid bar

View the installation instructions for any potential install/fitment questions you may have: Karcepts S2000 Rear Sway Bar Kit Installation Instructions

Sway Bar Rates:

OE S2000 Rear Sway Bars:
2000-2001 = 427 lbs/in
2002-2003 = 396 lbs/in
2004-2009 = 311 lbs/in
2008-2009 CR = 362 lbs/in

Karcepts S2000 Rear Sway Bar Kit - .0875” O.D. x 0.095" Wall:
Hole 1/1 = 129 lbs/in
Hole 1/2 = 137 lbs/in
Hole 2/2 = 145 lbs/in
Hole 2/3 = 155 lbs/in
Hole 3/3 = 164 lbs/in
Hole 3/4 = 176 lbs/in
Hole 4/4 = 188 lbs/in
Hole 4/5 = 202 lbs/in
Hole 5/5 = 216 lbs/in
Hole 5/6 = 232 lbs/in
Hole 6/6 = 248 lbs/in
Hole 6/7 = 266 lbs/in
Hole 7/7 = 283 lbs/in
Kit Weight = 6.3 lbs

Karcepts S2000 Rear Sway Bar Kit - .0875” O.D. Solid Bar:
Hole 1/1 = 206 lbs/in
Hole 1/2 = 219 lbs/in
Hole 2/2 = 232 lbs/in
Hole 2/3 = 248 lbs/in
Hole 3/3 = 263 lbs/in
Hole 3/4 = 282 lbs/in
Hole 4/4 = 301 lbs/in
Hole 4/5 = 323 lbs/in
Hole 5/5 = 345 lbs/in
Hole 5/6 = 371 lbs/in
Hole 6/6 = 397 lbs/in
Hole 6/7 = 425 lbs/in
Hole 7/7 = 452 lbs/in
Kit Weight = 10.5 lbs

Center Section Recommendations: 95% of our customers should stick with the very popular 0.875” O.D. x 0.095” wall thickness center section. This is the preferred bar for square tire setups using 200TW or higher tire compounds. Hole 2/2 is the recommended starting point on this bar for those who autocross their S2000 in SCCA STR (Street Touring Roadster) trim. Square tire S2000s without rear aero should definitely run the 0.095” wall thickness bar. The solid bar option is only recommended when using a combination of rear aero + race tires of 100TW or less.

Before purchasing a Karcepts Sway Bar Kit, we recommend all potential customers read our Sway Bar Disclaimer/Maintenance page as well as our Terms & Conditions.